Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera Review(VT-362) – May 2020

Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera (VT-362) is an indoor security camera primarily designed to help you monitor your home and business.

However, the Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera also comes with a built-in speaker/microphone system that allows you to talk to whoever is near the camera. This feature makes it good for watching over elderly people or interacting with your nanny while you’re away.

Let’s take a closer look at the feature list to see what else this camera has to offer.

Features – Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera (VT-362)

Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera

Night vision — This camera is equipped with 12 infrared lights that allow it to see in the dark.

HD video — The 1920 x1080p 25 fps video camera allows you to clearly see what’s going on.

Linux support — In addition to PC and Mac compatibility, the software is also Linux compatible.

View the live feed from your cellphone — Use the Android / iPhone compatible app to control your camera and view what it’s looking at in real time.

5 Minute setup — This device uses a QR code to simplify and accelerate the setup process. Just set everything up, download the app, scan the code and you’re good to go.

Built-in loudspeaker / microphone communication system — The ability to communicate with whomever you’re observing could be a lifesaver during emergency situations.

Motion sensor — When the motion sensor is activated, the camera will e-mail you an alert on the registered device if it detects any activity.

It is compatible with a 128 GB memory card which reduces any worry about running out of storage.

The camera provides the video is H.264 format which compresses the file size to almost 50% without reducing the quality of the video.

Our Rating for Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera (VT-362): 4.3/5

Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera

The Good

This Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera is a pretty good all-around surveillance device. The quality of the recorded video is outstanding for a security device and the ability to communicate through it is a nice perk as well.

The Bad

The software is not very user-friendly and the documentation is hard to follow and contains many grammatical errors. Also, the motion sensor is erratic and doesn’t work so well.

Best Suited For

The VT-362 is a great way to keep in touch with your babysitter or nanny. It can also help you watch over your elderly loved ones.

Not So Good For

Security. There is a long 5-minute delay between what you see on the live feed and what’s happening in the house. Also, the motion sensor is too sensitive and tends to send out lots of false alarms.

The Verdict – Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera (Vt-362)

Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera

If you’re looking for a low priced nanny cam, the VT-362 is hard to beat. However, if you’re looking for an indoor security camera there are better products out there.
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Ending Thoughts – Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera (Vt-362)

This was a Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera Review(VT-362) which was detailed and included every detail about the camera. Overall the Vimtag VT-362 Indoor Surveillance Camera (Vt-362) is priced at a decent price which makes it one of the best surveillance camera in 2020.

Let us know your views about the Vimtag VT-362 Indoor Surveillance Camera (Vt-362) in the comment section.

It all comes down to your requirements and usage while buying a surveillance camera.

The app is free and you can access all the data anywhere or anytime with the mobile app.

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