Toughsty Hidden Camera Clock Review

This clever device from Toughsty looks exactly like a digital alarm clock. In reality, though, it’s an HD digital camera. The camera is motion sensitive, so you can set it to start recording right at the right moment. Plus– unlike many hidden cameras– this camera can be set to automatically delete old footage and record new footage when the storage fills up.

Looks exactly like a normal alarm clock — Even if you look at this clock very closely, you still won’t be able to see the camera.

Remote control capability — If you want to control the camera remotely and watch the live feed, you can hook it up to your WiFi network.

Four hours of battery life — The best way to use this camera is to plug it in so that the batteries never run out. However, if there’s no plug nearby the batteries will last for four hours.

Super high resolution video — With the Toughsty Hidden Camera Clock, you get 1080p resolution video and pictures.

Night vision mode — Just click the bulb icon on the smartphone app to turn nighttime mode on.

Motion activated — You can optionally set the camera to recording after it senses motion.

Our Rating: 4.0/5

The Good

The best thing about this hidden camera clock is how camouflaged it is. There’s no way to tell that this digital clock is so much more than just a clock.

The Bad

The install guide is confusing and badly written.

Best Suited For

If you want to see what’s going on in your bedroom when you’re not there, this is the hidden camera for you.

Not So Good For

Though this hidden camera looks completely natural on a nightstand, it would look a bit suspicious if you tried to set it up in any other room. If you’re looking for a hidden camera that you can set up anywhere, you may be better off with a different product.

The Verdict

The convincing look, night vision mode and motion activation make this device the perfect hidden camera to use in the bedroom. The 1080p camera inside is top-notch and all the features you need are there. The only downside is the poorly written product documentation. If you aren’t familiar with setting up these types of devices, plan on spending some time on the phone with tech support.
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