Toughsty 1080p Mini Camera – A Detailed Review

Toughsty has designed this mini camera to appeal to pranksters. The 1080p HD video files that it creates look great on YouTube. Another nifty extra on this device is its night vision capability. Let’s take a look at some of the other notable features.

32 GB storage capability — This camera can handle a 32 GB SD card.

Record video in the dark — The infrared mode allows you to keep recording when the lights go off.

One year warranty — If anything is wrong, you can ship this camera back to the manufacturer for a full refund.

100 minutes of battery life — Most cameras like this can record about an hour of footage before the batteries die. With the Toughsty, you get an extra 40 minutes of footage.

It’s compatible with anything — You can upload your video recordings to any device that has a USB port.

Small size — This isn’t the smallest mini camera we’ve seen, but at 45x22x16mm it is pretty inconspicuous.

Our Rating: 4.0/5
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The Good

The camera on this device is quite good. Most modern mini cameras record in 720p, but this one records in 1080p HD.

The Bad

This camera doesn’t come with an SD card. Also, the addition of a motion sensor would have been nice. Another potential problem is that an indicator light turns on when you activate night vision mode. If you’re trying to be sneaky, the indicator light could give you away.

Best Suited For

YouTube pranksters.

Not So Good For

Because its battery life is limited, this camera is not a very good security device.

The Verdict

The only weakness this camera has is its battery. If this camera could record 3 hours of footage, it would make a good tool for recording a college lecture. Even though this camera’s battery is better than most, 100 minutes still isn’t a lot of time. However, the Toughsty is the ideal device for recording a YouTube prank. 100 minutes is definitely enough time to record a hilarious reaction shot. Also, the 1080p camera itself is quite awesome.
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