Titathink hidden ip spy camera

Titathink hidden ip spy camera TT520PW is an advanced security camera that’s provides high quality recording. It’s a bit bulky but the camera provides 1080P High definition monitoring.

This camera is perfect to record and monitor events happening at your home office or property. For example, it includes night vision which provides a crystal clear images and videos due to the infrared lights included in it.

Let’s take a closer look and see what this camera has to offer.

Features – Titathink hidden ip spy camera

Titathink hidden ip spy camera

Nigh Vision — Provides crystal clear images and videos at night or low light settings as well.

Sound and motion detection- Receive alerts on the mobile app when activity is detected.

Holds up to 7 days of security footage — This camera comes with a 32 gigabyte SD card, which is big enough to hold about two continuous video footage. If you buy your own 128 gigabyte SD card, you can get the full 7 days of record time.

Wi-Fi compatible — You can hook the camera up to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control the camera with your phone.

Free Android/iPhone app — The app allows you to control the camera and view video remotely

Two-way communication- The camera lets you speak and hear due to the speakers and mic included. You can talk to strangers near the camera via the mobile app.

Strong customer support — Titathink’s customer support hotline received many positive comments online. On Amazon, their responses to customer questions were quite detailed and informative.

Warranty – Includes 2-year warranty and 60 days money back guarantee

Video Format – Video format is 1080P (1920×1080) of H:264 which compresses 50% of the file without compromising on quality.

Sd Card –  Records directly on SD card in absence of WIFI

Our Rating for Titathink hidden ip spy camera: 4.0/5

Titathink hidden ip spy camera

The Good And Bad For The Titathink hidden IP spy camera

The Good

This is a high quality hidden surveillance camera. The Titathink hidden ip spy camera can record high resolution video. The built-in sound and motion detection keep you notified via the mobile app of every activity at your place.

The Bad

This camera is bulky and can garner too much attention if not covered up well. Apart from that, the apps are not compatible with windows mobile device– only iPhone and android till date.

Best Suited For

This is one of the best hidden cameras we’ve seen so far. It’s perfect for businesses, homes and other indoor recording environments. It is ideal for indoors and home since it provides you access anywhere and any time with the mobile app.

Not So Good For

While spying on someone or an area with this camera it can get difficult to go unnoticed due to its bulky design. Hence this camera is not ideal while using to record someone without them knowing about it.

The Verdict – Titathink hidden ip spy camera

Titathink hidden ip spy camera

This low-key spy camera is great for recording what happens at your home or business when you’re not around.

Installation is fairly straightforward and the Titathink customer support team seems to be responsive and knowledgeable. This product’s only weakness is that the design and appearance of the camera is bulky which makes it hard to go unnoticed. However, if covered well, this camera does a great job.

Learn more about the Titathink TT520PW Spy Camera on Amazon, or take a look at one of our other great, reviewed products like the Hidden Camera Spy Pen by FabQuality. All of these cameras are competitively priced on Amazon.


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