FalconWatch Pro Security Camera Review

The FalconWatch Pro security camera has no monthly fee, plus it is jam packed with extras that other security cameras lack. Let’s take a closer look.

Features – FalconWatch Pro Security Camera

FalconWatch Pro Security Camera

Quick and easy setup — A YouTube video shows you how to set everything up once you are ready to power the device on and start recording.

Built-in large capacity storage slot — The on-board SD card holds 32 GB of video footage

Motion detection — The motion detection setting allows you to set up your camera so that it will send you a snapshot photo and an email alert if any unexpected movements are detected.

Night vision — This camera can record intrusions during the day or during the night because it can see in the dark.

Watch from your smartphone — If you need to check up on a loved one, just open up the app on your iPhone or Android device to access the live stream.

Built-in loudspeaker and microphone — If your elderly loved one or nanny needs help during an emergency, they can communicate with you directly via the loudspeaker/microphone interface.

Our Rating for the FalconWatch Pro Security Camera: 4.5/5

The Good

The 1.3 megapixel HD lens is the best thing about this camera. It records extremely high quality video, allowing you to get detailed information about what is happening.

The Bad

Even with the YouTube installation walk-through, setup can be a bit confusing. Also, some people who bought this camera didn’t like its blue status indicator light. The indicator light draws attention to the camera, letting potential intruders know that they are being monitored. However, there is no way to turn off the indicator light if you want to record discreetly.

Best Suited For

FalconWatch Pro Security Camera

The FalconWatch HD makes a great security camera. The HD lens allows you to get a good look at any intruder who enters your house, and the blue status light discourages them from breaking in the first place. Also, the built-in mic and loudspeaker allow for easy communication between you and your nanny.

Not So Good For

People looking for a discreet security camera device.

The Verdict – FalconWatch Pro Security Camera

This is a good all-around security camera that would also make a great nanny cam. However, if you want something more discreet you may want to go with a different product.
Learn more about the FalconWatch Pro Security Camera on Amazon, or take a look at one of our other great, reviewed products like the Vimtag VT-361 Indoor Surveillance Camera. All of these cameras are competitively priced on Amazon.

In terms of video and image quality, the device is impressive. However, the device is a bit bulky which makes it difficult to go unnoticed.

However, for what it’s priced at and what features it has to offer, the FalconWatch Pro Security Camera is one of the best high quality cameras available in 2020.

Conclusion – FalconWatch Pro Security Camera

This was an in depth post on FalconWatch Pro Security Camera Review. This camera is one of the best nanny cameras available in 2020.

The FalconWatch Pro Security Camera lets you access through the app which makes it great to keep an eye on the caretaker or babysitter. Apart from that, FalconWatch Pro Security Camera also lets you access data from anywhere which is another added benefit.

The FalconWatch Pro Security Camera helps you monitor your house, office or property while you’re away which keeps you updated with all the happenings at your place.

FalconWatch Pro Security Camera permits you talk as well which therefore is another added benefit.

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