Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras – 4 Best Cameras (May 2020)

Investing in Hidden Surveillance Cameras is a tough task nowadays. To get an overview of some Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras in market we have written this post and noted best hidden surveillance cameras available in 2020

Using hidden home surveillance cameras is a great way to protect your home while saving on expensive alarm systems. When you install your own security system, you’re avoiding unnecessary subscription and maintenance fees.

You know your home better than anyone. So when you’ll know where you need to focus your attention. Not every area of your house needs the same protection. For example, the back entrance might need a camera instead of your front door.

With all the devices available, it’s just a matter of finding out what you need. Some models are created to blend in while others stand out. You should also decide if you need to check in on the video through streaming services.

No matter which camera you decide on, always double check the return policy and warranty. If there are any problems you should make sure you can find a model that works for you. Setting up the camera can be difficult so if you have a hard time you should turn to a friend or family member.

Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras 2019


We’ve created a list of Best Hidden Home Surveillance Cameras top picks to help narrow down your search for hidden home surveillance cameras. Even if you don’t find the model for you, this is a great chance to learn more about the technology.

Toughsty MT-F7000 – best hidden surveillance cameras

Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras


The Toughsty MT-F7000 video resolution is 1920 x 1080p with a picture resolution of 4032 x 3024. It includes real-time video and audio recording and has a built-in microphone. The infrared technology supports night vision capturing. This camera also supports snapshots and has a 32GB TF memory card.

Best Suited For

This hidden surveillance camera provides you with high-definition video streaming and night vision. It’s a great choice if you want to hide a small camera that can record at any time. The snapshots are useful because you’ll have the option to capture still images.

The size of this camera makes it a great choice for homeowners that want to hide the camera. Whether in a forgotten corner or between some books, this is a very flexible model that can be stored anywhere you need it.


Small Size for Surveillance

Extended Battery Life

Setting up is Easy to Do


No Automatic Lock

Out of Date Software

The Memory Card is Extra

UFO WiFi Camera – best small surveillance camera

Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras


The UFO Wi-Fi Camera has a high-quality lens and CMOS sensor. The camera records HD videos and takes excellent snapshots. It also supports Wi-Fi point-to-point direct connect in Wi-Fi+App mode.

The best devices for home are designed to look like they belong in the house. This does just that because it’s built into a smoke detector casing so it blends in with the environment. You could have a hard time setting this model up though. It took us an hour to get it running.

Best Suited For

The video streaming provides a high-quality feed from a raised perspective. The biggest problem with this hidden surveillance camera is setting it up. The instructions are vague and getting the Wi-Fi to connect is a challenge. Designed to look like a smoke detector, this hidden camera blends perfectly into homes and businesses.


Ships with a Camera Pen

High Quality Video Streaming

Goes unnoticed in plain sight


Initial Set Up is Difficult

Camera Lights are Noticeable

The Instructions are Confusing

Toughsty MT-WiFi 107 – best hidden security cameras

Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras 2020


The Toughsty MT-WiFi 107 is also a working digital clock. It features video recording at 1280x720p quality. The camera also has motion detection technology and uses a 160 degree wide view angle lens. The MT-WiFi 107 uses infrared technology to record in the dark and has an internal 4000mAH rechargeable battery.

Best Suited For 

This camera has a working digital clock built around it, blending it into any environment. The design of this camera makes it perfect for people that want to secretly monitor their house. During our testing, we found that the video quality wasn’t as crisp as in other models.


Helpful Customer Service

Useful Design that Blends In

Reliable Motion Sensor Technology


Confusing Instructions

Cloudy Video Quality

Uokoo Mini IP Camera – best spy cameras for home

Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras


The Uokoo Mini IP Camera includes 1280x720p video recording with an 80 degree viewing angle. The motion detection works with smartphones to give off notifications and email alerts.

Best Suited For

The Uokoo Mini IP Camera is a good entry-level security device. Setting it up is as easy as powering the camera on and connecting to your network. Some of the missing features include night vision, speakers and SD card slot support. This camera makes up for it though because of an easy installation and streaming service.

This model works best for families that want to monitor their children playing. However, it doesn’t function as a security camera because it can’t record during the night. You’ll also need to rely on the streaming video because you won’t have access to an SD card.


Remote Viewing Works Well

Set up is Fast and Easy

Basic Model with Clear Video Streaming


No Extra Features

Can’t Record at Night

Doesn’t Support SD Cards

Our thoughts

Hidden surveillance cameras are an important part of any security system. They keep your family and house safe from outside threats. Buying one for home use is an investment that pays off the moment you need it.

No matter which model you like best, you need to familiarize yourself with the instructions. Always test out a camera to make sure it’s working. The reason you’re buying it is to be prepared, so make sure you are.


These were the 4 Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras available in 2020. Let us know your views about the Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras in the comment section.

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