Best Hidden Cameras for Home Use – 8 best cameras (May 2020)

The Market of Best Hidden Cameras for Home Use is getting saturated, There are a lot of reasons you might be interested in buying a hidden camera. Protecting your home from intruders or monitoring your child’s playtime are both useful functions of these security devices.

Finding the perfect hidden camera for your home can be difficult. There are a lot of brands on the market that promise high-quality video capture and easy installation. To make the process a little easier, we’ve created a list that features our favorite security cameras.

Although your needs will be different from someone else’s, doing a little research is a great way to figure out what you want your security system to do. This is also helpful if you want to find out if the hidden cameras for sale online are worth your time.

Best Hidden Cameras for Home Use 2020

Best Hidden Cameras for Home Use 2019
Best Hidden Cameras for Home Use 2019

HDe Spy Key Chain – Best Hidden Cameras For Home Use


This camera provides you with 1080p high quality camera with a 16gb memory card pre-installed in it. It is black in colour and the small camera hole is hardly visible and won’t be noticed at all.


The Keychain hidden camera is exclusive for every user as it can be used anywhere. One doesn’t need to worry about it’s carrying and people having a doubt about it. Key chain is normal to be carried anywhere. Also, the price is quite convenient for one to buy it which is around 8 dollars. So, it proves to be the best hidden camera for any use whether home or outside.

Machsmart pen camera – easy to use hidden cameras


It is a rich looking pen with a camera on top which can be used in office and house hold use. It has a 64 GB SD Card Support (not included), 2 Mode Recording (HD Photo & Video) and a Free Card Reader & OTG Cable.


The design is very well with its black colour and golden finishing giving it a rich look. Besides, the best advantage it that one can put his/her shirt on with this pen in the pocket which won’t just make them look classy but also give the best view for the camera to record all around.

SmartCam Power Bank Camera – best hidden cameras for home use


Smartcam portable powerbank hidden camera is an amazing quick charging 5000mah power bank along with camera installed which gives you a high quality of 1080p along with support of 32gb memory card.


Smartcam 1080P Perfect Mini Spy Camera for Home Office and Outdoor is another best fir for users around who want to use it for home or outside. Besides, you can also provide the power bank to someone who needs to charge their phone as an excuse to spy on them when you’re not around, Isn’t it the easiest way to know what’s on behind your back? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the best fit for you.

Hamtone Newest Smiley Face DVR Hidden Spy Mini Cam Recorder Camera 


Hamtone Smiley face camera is an amazing camera with high quality and batter life providing you the facility to record for a long run. It has a 16 gb memory card installed along with 720*480 pixel camera giving you a coverage of 90 degrees.


It is like an innocent smiley badge which can be attached to small kids t-shirt for knowing what they do behind your back or the best way would be a car. It can be attached to your car ac which will not just look like a sticker or badge but also record all you want.The camera is located in the left eye of the smiley which is caemoflaged by the colour black of its eye.

So, what are you waiting for? go ahead and record all you want.

Toughsty MT-F7000


Hidden home security cameras are designed to protect your loved ones with useful features and quality video capture. The Toughsty MT-F7000 is a wireless hidden camera that includes real-time video and audio recording. The resolution of the video is 1920 x 1080p. The camera takes snapshots with a resolution of 4032 x 3024. It also has a built-in microphone and supports night vision.


Ideally we want a device that is small enough to conceal but still provide excellent video quality. The Toughsty MT-F7000 fit perfectly into this category because it does just that. The HD image and video capture is perfect if you want to protect your investments. The night vision support is a useful feature if you’re setting up the camera to monitor a vulnerable area of your home.

The biggest issue we ran into is that we couldn’t lock the device to keep it from recording. This is a problem if you want to move it around and accidently begin recording. Also, the required memory card isn’t included and the preloaded software is out of date.


Camera is Easily Concealable
Useful Features such as Night Vision

High Quality Video and Picture Capture


Memory Card is Extra
Can’t Lock the Device

The Included Software is Out of Date

UFO WiFi Camera


Some hidden security cameras are designed to mimic normal household objects. The UFO WiFi Camera looks like a normal smoke detector. It uses a high-quality lens and CMOS sensor to record videos. It also features WiFi point-to-point direct connect for smartphone access.


If you want to protect your home, you can’t go wrong with one designed to blend in. This is a great camera if you want to install it and forget about it. If you ever need the recording it will be there.

The only issues we came across were the hard to understand instructions and difficult installation steps. Also, the recording light shines through the detector. To prevent that light from being noticed, you should install the camera in a place that’s out of sight.


Camera Blends In
High-Quality Lens

Video Streaming


Poor Instructions

Installation is Tricky

Light Shines Through

Toughsty MT-WiFi 107


The Toughsty MT-WiFi 107 is another hidden camera that looks like a normal object. In this case, the camera records from within a working digital clock. It features real-time video and audio recording and motion detection activation. The HD video is recorded through a 160 degree wide view angle lens. It also uses infrared technology to capture videos in the dark. The hidden camera has a built-in 4000mAH recordable battery.


The best hidden cameras for home use are designed to look like regular objects. If an intruder walks past a clock, they won’t look twice. The motion detection is perfect for families that don’t spend a lot of time at home and want to record when they have to.

Like with some of the other models we’ve talked about, this spy camera has poor instructions. Also, setting up the camera to record is complicated. Once you get it working, it’s a great camera that delivers excellent results.


Great Design

Helpful Customer Service

Motion Detection Activation


Confusing Instructions

Difficult to Set Up

Lower Quality Video

Uokoo Mini IP Camera


The Uokoo Mini IP Camera is a basic model that works best in lighted areas. It features 1280 x 720p video recording with a ¼ inch CMOS sensor and 80 degree viewing angle. Installing this camera is easy to do because of an intuitive wireless connection system. It also includes motion detection that pairs with smartphones to provide real-time notifications.


Hidden cameras for home like this one don’t have a lot of extra features. There’s no infrared technology to record at night. The lack of a speaker means you won’t be able to record audio along with your video. You’ll also have to rely on internal storage because there’s no SD support.

If you can get by without the extra features, this is a great spy camera. Installation is a breeze, with the wireless connection being especially easy to establish. The HD video recording also works well with the lens’ wide viewing angle.


Easy Installation

Smart Wireless Connection

Application Notifications are Useful


Missing Features

No SD Card Support

Lists such as this are useful because they help you figure out what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t like any of these cameras, you know more about these security systems than you did before. The best thing about the improvement of technology is that a camera can be as complicated as you need it to be.

You should always do your research when you’re purchasing security systems, especially when you’re intending to use it for home use. Making an informed decision is the first step towards protecting your family and the home they live in.


These were the 8 best hidden cameras for home use. Let us know your views about the best hidden cameras for home use in the comments section.

There are many cameras available however we found these to be the 8 best hidden cameras for home use in 2020.

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