Hidden Cameras for Home Reviews – In depth Review June 2020

Hidden Cameras for Home is An Investment Worth Making, there are a lot of choices when it comes to household security. You can hire a company to install and monitor a system in your house. There are some great companies to choose from. This is usually the most expensive option because of installation costs and subscription fees.

Hidden Cameras for Home Reviews

  • The Top 5 Reasons you Need a Mini Spy Cam
  • What you Should Look for in a Hidden Surveillance Camera
  • The Best Hidden Cameras for Sale

Hidden Cameras for Home Reviews

Hidden Cameras for Home Reviews
Hidden Cameras for Home Reviews

The second choice is to install your own security. A lot of people are choosing to do this because it lets them pick and choose what they want. It’s also a good choice for families that can’t afford the professional systems.

With wireless communications and technology getting better, there are a lot of options for homeowners that want to invest in security cameras. These include expensive models with a lot of features and the more basic alternatives.

We think that hidden cameras for homes are great tools to protect your family and house. Homeowners use these devices for a lot of reasons. Hidden spy cameras gives users a way to monitor the activity outside their homes and record any motion inside of their house.

Whether you’re going on vacation or live in a rougher area, hidden surveillance cameras are an excellent option for homeowners. Depending on your personal taste, there are a lot of different choices available.

We’re going to break down some of the options now. Keep reading after the chart to learn more about hidden spy cameras and some of the features you should look for.

The Top 5 Reasons you Need a Mini Spy Cam

There are a lot of reasons you might want to buy hidden security cameras. They can be great gifts or can help you monitor your nursery. Some other popular uses include protecting your office and caring for elderly relatives from a distance.

To explain how a mini spy camera can make your life easier, we’re going to list some of their uses. These examples won’t apply to everyone but they should get you thinking of the unique situations a camera can be helpful in.

Household Security

Having a spy camera for home use gives you a sense of security when you can’t be home. It’s especially helpful for people who spend a lot of time away from their houses because of work. Using hidden spy cameras is also an excellent choice for people going on vacation.

The camera also helps you sleep better at night because it can be set up to monitor the vulnerable areas of your house. If you have a secluded rear entrance you can use a hidden surveillance camera to record any activity in that area.

Office Monitoring

Even with a lot of companies protecting their information through online security, most offices have physical copies of sensitive documents. Hidden security cameras are excellent tools to protect offices that don’t have security systems installed.

Using a security camera to monitor any activity in your office is also helpful if you spend a lot of our time in meetings or out of town. Using remote monitoring apps on smartphones, you can look at the feed in your office at any time.

Remote Childcare

One popular way to use hidden cameras for home is with a nanny cam. These small devices are hidden in an area of the house that you want to monitor while you’re away. Parents use a hidden nanny cam to make sure that their children are safe in the hands of the professional they hire.

The second function of a spy camera for home use is to keep an eye on your children while they play. You could be working in the kitchen while your children play upstairs and a camera would help you make sure they’re being safe. Families also use cameras as an extension of their baby monitors.

Pet Tracking

Pets can be a headache. They can rip apart living rooms and get into your garbage. Using a hidden surveillance camera, pet owners can keep an eye on their companions while away from the house. It’s a great tool to find out where you should focus your training.

A hidden camera is useful when you need to figure out what sort of barriers you should put up while you’re away. You’ll discover what areas of the house you should block off from your pets to protect your valuables.

Family Care

You might live in one city or country, while your elderly parents live in another. As your parents get older, it can be difficult to keep an eye on them from a distance. Or, maybe you want to call them but aren’t sure if they’re home or awake. Using a camera will help you stay in touch with members of your family that don’t live nearby.

Obviously, these don’t need to be hidden cameras for home. You can purchase any surveillance camera and set it up with their permission. Your family will appreciate the effort you’re going through to make sure they’re okay.

These are all great uses of surveillance cameras. The best part of using security technology like this is the peace of mind it gives users. Being able to check in on relatives, children, homes, offices, and pets makes it easier when you can’t be there.

What you Should Look for in a Hidden Surveillance Camera

What you Should Look for in a Hidden Surveillance Camera
What you Should Look for in a Hidden Surveillance Camera

There are a lot of features you should always look for in a security camera. Even though your plans for the camera might be different than someone else’s, you should make sure that the camera you want has the following features.

This list isn’t inclusive of every feature you should look for. It is a great starting point and gives you an idea of what some of the premium models have installed.

Easy Installation

Hidden cameras for home use can be difficult to set up. This includes running wires behind walls from the camera to power outlets. You might also have to hardwire an internet connection to your camera. Repositioning the camera to find the best angle can be difficult.

The second issue you could come across when installing a mini spy camera is setting up the wireless signal. If you aren’t familiar with setting up networks, you might discover a steep learning curve when installing a camera. Connecting a wireless video stream with laptops and smartphones takes some getting used to.

Finding a camera that’s easy to install is important because you might want to move it from one spot to another. Buying a model that doesn’t take long to install improves your entire experience, especially for families that aren’t sure if this is a good choice for them.

Reliable Motion Detection

When you use hidden cameras for home it’s important that it includes reliable motion detection. Having a camera that activates when it detects motion is useful because they record when you need them to. They’re great if you want to put the camera in a spot of your house that’s more secluded. They also work well when recording movement in a nursery or playroom.

Motion detection activation is also good if you need to conserve memory or battery life. Even though a lot of hidden cameras for home use use streaming technology, some still rely on memory cards for the video capture storage.

Remote Video Streaming

Older hidden spy cameras used internal memory to store the videos they captured. The problem was that when the space was filled, the cameras couldn’t record new content. The second issue was that if someone found the hidden camera, they could take the memory card or the system with them.

New hidden cameras for home use wireless technology to stream live video feeds from the camera to your device. The stream can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, or computers. Also, because the video isn’t stored internally there’s no risk of running out of space.

Clear Video / Audio Recording

The quality of the video / audio stream being recorded is the most important part of a spy camera. It defeats the purpose of the camera if you’re using a security device that doesn’t give you a clear picture. You won’t be able to easily monitor the feed, leaving your house or family vulnerable.

The audio quality, while not as important, should be clear. You might need to rely on the audio if your camera is obstructed or unable to see the activity. A strong microphone makes all the difference between a cheap camera and a higher quality one.

Strong Build Quality

A good security camera needs to be durable. You should look for a camera that offers protection against the elements in case you decide to install it outside. Another important design feature of cameras is its ability to blend in.

Depending on your needs, some cameras are designed to look like normal objects. This includes alarm clocks, pens, and smoke detectors. Other security cameras are created to stand out so intruders can see you’ve protected your house. This includes large dome models and traditional lense cameras.

Finding the perfect security camera can take time. The best way to begin is by figuring out what you want to use it for. Home security offers homeowners different designs than cameras created for childcare. You also need to decide if you want the camera to blend in or stand out.

Keeping your loved ones and house safe is a priority. Investing in a quality security camera is a great way to make sure everything is okay when you can’t be around. As wireless communications and recording technology continues to get better, it’s becoming easier than ever to protect yourself against the threats you don’t see coming.

The Best Hidden Cameras for Home on sale

Choosing the best hidden surveillance camera can be difficult. As we’ve talked about, there are a lot of features, designs, and uses for these devices. So much of the decision comes down to your personal needs.

Most of these models can be found on sale and offer extended warranties. Also, some manufacturers include accessories such as SD cards with your purchase. You should always do your homework when investing in a new product, especially when in the market for electronic devices.

To make the process easier, we’re going to go over the models that stand out. Some of these security cameras are designed to blend in, while others stand out. No matter what the camera will be used for, we’re sure that one of these models will fit your needs.

FalconWatch Pro Security Camera – hidden cameras for home

FalconWatch Pro Security Camera

Features – The HawkCam Pro is a 1080p, wide-angle security camera with audio and WiFi. It also has an infrared LED lighting ring for night vision recording. The camera has a time of day light sensor and a status indicator. The silicone base mounts the camera to a table or wall.

Bottom Line – This security camera is great if you’re looking for a solid device that records high-quality videos. The tech support is helpful, which is good because setting up the camera is a little confusing. The infrared works well at night, capturing the smallest of details. The biggest problem we came across was the inconsistent recording volume.


Tech Support
Extra Features

Video Quality


Confusing Set Up

Window Glare

Inconsistent Volume

Vimtag HD VT-362 Indoor Surveillance Camera – hidden cameras for home

Vimtag Indoor Surveillance Camera

Features – The Vimtage HD VT-361 includes night vision, two-way audio, remote tilt/pan controls, motion detection, and alerts. The camera records its feed to an internal SD card. The video feed can be accessed using the Vimtag app on a smartphone.

Bottom Line – This security camera is designed for indoor use and requires a power outlet and WiFi connectivity to work. It’s a great choice for consumers that want to record activity indoors. The built-in microphone and speaker means this camera can double as a webcam.


Easy Setup
Clear Image Quality

Motion Detection


No Cloud Storage
Poor Documentation

Dated Software

Titathink TT520PW Spy Camera – hidden cameras for home

Features – The Titathink TT520PW has a high resolution digital image sensor that records 720HD videos. It also includes configurable motion detection zones and uses wireless technology. The size of the camera is 1.1 in x 1.2 in and is easily concealable. It supports WPS to make connecting it to a router easier.

Bottom Line – This spy camera is perfect if you want to conceal it somewhere that no one will find it. The small size means that you can place it almost anywhere and get the results you want. The easy connectivity makes installation a breeze. If you have any problems getting it running, Titathink offers users excellent customer service.


Customer Support

Easy to Install

Extra Features


Some Blur on Image

False Movement Notifications

No Instructions

FabQuality Hidden Camera Spy Pen – hidden cameras for home

FabQuality Hidden Camera Spy Pen Review - Indepth Guide 2020

Features – The FabQuality Spy Pen operates both manually or through motion detection. It records 60 – 120 minutes of video on a micro Sd card. The spy camera captures 720p HD and has a 220mAH battery. It also functions as a pen and comes with five bonus ink cartridges. The product comes with a free 16GB micro SD card.

Bottom Line – The spy pen is a fun camera you can take with you. It also makes a great gift for spy fans. The camera records two hours of high-definition video to the included SD card. The camera blends into a work environment and works as a pen. The customer support is very helpful which is good because there aren’t any instructions.


Unique Design

Doubles as Pen

Easy to Use


Confusing Modes

Instructions are Vague

Camera Body Moves

Toughsty MT-F7000 – hidden cameras for home

Features – The Toughsty MT-F7000 includes real-time video and audio recording. The video resolution is 1920 x 1080p with a picture resolution of 4032 x 3024. It has a built-in microphone and supports night vision. The mini spy camera also supports snapshots and a 32GB TF card.

Bottom Line – This tiny camera supports high-definition video streaming and night vision. It’s a great choice for people who need to hide a small camera that can record during the day and night. The snapshots are also useful because you can capture still images if you need to.


Small Size

Easy to Set Up

Long Battery Life


No Lock Button

Software Out-dated

Memory Card not Included

UFO WiFi Camera – hidden cameras for home

Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Features – The UFO WiFi Camera is designed to look like a smoke detector. It has a high-quality lens and CMOS sensor. The spy camera records videos at 1080p and takes high-quality pictures. It also supports WiFi point-to-point direct connected video function in WiFi+App mode.

Bottom Line – Designed to look like a smoke detector, this hidden camera blends perfectly into any environment. The video streaming works well by providing a high-quality feed from a top-down perspective. The biggest problem with this camera is setting it up. The instructions aren’t clear and getting the WiFi to connect is difficult.


Comes with Camera Pen

Hidden Camera and Video

Video Streaming


Poor Instructions

Hard to Set Up

Lights Give Away Camera

Toughsty MT-WiFi 107 – hidden cameras for home

Best Hidden Surveillance Cameras

Features – The Toughsty MT-WiFi 107 spy camera doubles as a working digital clock. It features real-time audio and video recording at 1280x720p quality. The camera also supports motion detection recording and a 160 degree wide view angle lens. Lastly, it uses infrared technology to record at night and has a 4000mAH rechargeable battery.

Bottom Line – The design of this hidden camera makes it perfect for people that want to secretly monitor their house. The camera has a working digital clock built around it, blending it into any environment. We did find that the video quality wasn’t as crisp as in other models.


  • Interesting Design
  • Blends in with Rooms
  • Customer Service


  • Poor Instructions
  • Difficult Set Up
  • Video Quality

Uokoo Mini IP Camera – hidden cameras for home

Security Mini IP Camera by UOKOO Review

Features – The Uokoo Mini IP Camera features quick installation and an easy wireless setup. It includes 1280x720p video recording with a ¼ inch CMOS sensor and 80 degree viewing angle. The motion detection pairs with smartphones to provide notifications and email alerts.

Bottom Line – The Uokoo Mini IP Camera is the perfect entry-level security device for people that aren’t sure they want to use a complicated camera. Setting up this spy camera is as easy as turning it on and pressing the connect button. It’s missing some features though. These include no night vision. speaker or SD card slot.

This model works best for families that want to keep an eye on their children playing in a different part of the house. It won’t work as a security camera because it can’t record video at night. It also won’t pick up audio because it doesn’t have a speaker installed.


  • Easy Set Up
  • Remote Viewing


  • No Night Vision
  • No Speaker
  • No SD Card Support

Choosing a security camera for home use can be challenging. Once you figured out what you need the camera for, it gets a lot easier. You just need to make sure the model you’re interested in includes the features we outlined earlier.

Final Verdict

No matter which camera you choose, you’ll leave your home easier. Security devices protect your house and family. They also give you a sense of security, a feeling worth every effort and investment you need to undertake to reach.

These were some of the best hidden cameras for home available in 2020. Let us know your best hidden camera for home.

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