Best Nanny Camera Reviews 2017 - Buyers Guide

The Best Nanny cameras are great if you’re trying out a new babysitter / nanny. The security devices can be hidden throughout a house to record the activity of the professional you hire. If you’re a nervous parent you can use nanny cams to ease your worries while away from your children.

Using one is also a good way for you to keep an eye on misbehaving children while they’re in another room. This gives children a sense of independence even as you keep a close eye on their playtime.

If you aren’t comfortable installing a camera without your nanny’s knowledge, you could tell them about the nanny cam. Brush it off as an instrument you want to use to monitor the behavior of your children. If your nanny knows you have one camera installed, they’ll be more likely to behave in your house.

There are a lot of great cameras available for you to purchase. Some models are designed as stationary cameras that require hardwiring and mounting. Other cameras are smaller and can be easily re-positioned.

The Top 5 Best Nanny Cams Available

To help you understand some of your options, we’re sharing the models that stood out to us. These hidden nanny cams are unique to each other because we wanted to show you the range of models available.

You should always do your research when you’re making a purchase. This is especially true for nanny cameras. Double check the manufacturer’s reputation for customer support and their warranty policy. Also, you should make sure you understand the return policy incase things don’t work out like you planned.

HawkCam Pro

Features - The HawkCam Pro works great as a nanny camera because of the wide-angle camera and audio capture functions. It’s designed to work in any location which means you can install it anywhere. The infrared technology is the perfect way to monitor your house while you’re out for the evening.

Best For - This hidden nanny camera is an excellent choice for parents that are trying a new babysitter or nanny out. This is a great tool to make sure you chose the caregiver for your children correctly. It also lets you check in on your children and the nanny without repeated phone calls.


  • Easily Hidden
  • Great Video Quality
  • Infrared Technology


  • Initial Set Up
  • Volume isn’t Reliable
  • Glare can Reduce Quality

Vimtag HD VT-361

Features - This is the best nanny cam for recording indoors. It features night vision, remote tilt/pan controls, and two-way audio. The video feed can be accessed on smartphones or through the internal SD card. The motion detection is perfect for recording when there’s activity in the room.

Best For - This is a great choice for parents that want to use a hidden nanny cam to check in on the person watching their kids and their children. The remote tilt / pan feature helps parents watch their children while they play. The night vision is the perfect way to keep an eye on new childcare professionals during the evening.


  • Useful Extra Features
  • Clear Video Recording
  • Streaming Video to App


  • Confusing Instructions
  • Out of Date Software

Titathink TT520PW

Features - The Titathink TT520PW is an easily concealable nanny camera because it's so small. The size of the camera is only 1.1 in x 1.2 in which means it fits perfectly in any hiding spot. It records HD video quality and has configurable motion detection zones. This nanny camera also supports WPS connectivity so you can pair it easily with your network.

Best For - This is a great option for parents that need to hide a camera in a room that doesn’t offer a lot of options. The size of the camera, paired with the video quality, makes it the perfect hidden nanny cam. It’s also easy to connect to your network because of the WPS feature.


  • Small Size
  • Video Quality
  • WPS Connectivity


  • No Instructions
  • Some Minor Blurring
  • False Movement Notifications

FabQuality Spy Pen

Features - The FabQuality Spy Pen is a different choice for a nanny cam. The pen design means it will blend into any environment seamlessly. However, leaving the camera somewhere to record means you’ll need to position it perfectly. The lens is small and will record the movement in front of it. Some parents will prefer the discreet options this nanny camera provides.

Best For - This nanny cam is perfect for parents that want their camera to blend in. The motion detection is great because it turns the recording function on when movement is registered. The internal storage is large enough to capture around 120 minutes of HD video recording.


  • Design is Great for Blending In
  • Records HD quality videos
  • Easy to Set up and Use


  • Instructions Aren’t Clear
  • The Camera Lens Shifts
  • Extra Modes Are Confusing

This is just some of the best nanny cams on the market. There are a lot of choices that we haven’t covered. The features that you should look for include; HD video recording, motion detection, remote streaming access, and wireless connectivity.


Nanny cameras have gotten a bad reputation lately. People associate them with an invasion of privacy and dishonesty. However, they’re useful tools that a lot of parents use to keep their children safe.

There’s nothing wrong with using a camera to make sure your children are safe in their playroom or behaving while you’re away. As popular as hidden nanny cams are, you don’t have to keep it a secret.

If your children know a camera is installed, they could have fun putting on shows in front of it. The glamor of the camera will fade quickly and the device will be forgotten anyways. The tools you use to protect your family don’t matter, as long as your children are safe.