Finding the Perfect Hidden Spy Camera

You’ve weighed your options and decided that you need to start researching hidden spy cameras. It could be a hostile workplace or missing equipment. Maybe your children aren’t behaving or things are vanishing from your house.

No matter what the reason, this is a great time to be in the market for secret camera. Wireless communications have made streaming videos from the camera to your device easier. That means you don’t need to worry about watching the video after you retrieve the memory card from the camera.

Technology has also made it possible to fit a spy camera inside everyday devices. This includes functioning digital clocks and working pens. Some of the best James Bond gadgets are available for you to use to protect yourself. The best part of these cameras is they blend in with your environment. No one will get suspicious if you pull out a pen or reposition your clock.

It can be difficult to find the best spy camera for you. Do you need something you can take with you? Or, is it better to install a stationary camera to capture the activity in a room? Your needs are going to be unique to your situation.

The Best Hidden Spy Cameras Available

The following models are some of the best on the market. Some need to be installed in one location, while others can be taken with you. The list was created with your diverse needs in mind. Take a look below to learn more about spy cameras.

HawkCam Pro

Features - The Hawkcam Pro has a wide-angle lens that records 1080p quality video. It uses an infrared LED lighting ring for night vision recording and has a time of day sensor. This secret camera connects wirelessly to your network and can be mounted to a wall or table. The installation is a little confusing though, so be prepared to spend some time with this model.

Created For - This device is perfect if you want a device that will record during the day and night. The video quality makes watching the stream and identifying activity easy to do. The audio function is a little inconsistent but otherwise this is a solid choice.


  • Extra Features
  • Video Quality
  • Infrared Technology


  • Confusing Installation
  • Inconsistent Volume
  • Catches Window Glare

Vimtag HD VT-361

Features - The Vimtage HD VT-361 is best used as a spy camera for home because it needs a power outlet and wireless connection to work. Some of the features of this spy camera include night vision, two-way audio, remote tilt/pan controls, motion detection, and alerts. One drawback to this model is that it stores the videos on the camera and not to the cloud.

Created For - This is the best spy camera for people that want a camera for inside that has a lot of useful features. The night vision and motion detection are great additions because they provide a video feed in a difficult recording environment.


  • Motion Detection
  • Night Vision
  • Remote Controls


  • No Cloud Storage
  • Poor Documentation
  • Indoor Use Only

Titathink TT520PW

Features - Secret cameras like the Titathink TT520PW are designed with concealment in mind. If the spy video camera can’t be easily hidden, it’s going to be difficult to use. This mini spy camera measures is an incredible 1.1 in x 1.2 in. It also includes motion detection zones and records in HD. The camera uses WPS technology to connect to your WiFi network.

Best For - This is a great choice for people who want the smallest device that records HD videos. The secret camera works perfectly with wireless networks to stream content from the camera to your devices. If you run into any installation problems, Titathink has excellent customer support.


  • Small Design
  • HD Video Streaming
  • WPS Wireless Connectivity


  • No Instruction Manual
  • Some Blurs Showed on Images
  • Minor False Movement Notifications

FabQuality Spy Pen

Features - The FabQuality Spy Pen uses either manual inputs or motion detection to record HD videos. It has a 220mAH battery that will record for 120 minutes. The spy video camera is designed to look and function like a real pen. It also comes with five refillable ink cartridges.

Best For - Depending on your needs, the FabQuality Spy Pen could be just what you’ve been looking for. The camera rests inside of a working pen and is a great choice for professionals that want to take the camera with them. This wireless spy camera delivers HD videos to the included microSd card.


  • Easily Concealable
  • Blends into any Environment
  • Useful Features such as Motion Recording


  • Lens Slips from Place
  • Short Battery Life
  • Confusing Modes

These are just a few of the best spy cameras available. If you’re in the market for a wireless spy camera, you can’t go wrong with one of these choices. Some of the features you should look for in any model include; a concealable design, HD video recording, long-lasting battery life, and plenty of storage.


With wireless communications and recording technology advancing, hidden spy cameras are getting more popular. Homeowners are using the technology to protect their houses. Parents buy the cameras to keep an eye on their children while they’re with a nanny. Even professionals are using them to protect their interests in the workplace.

No matter what your reasons are, hidden spy cameras are invaluable devices. From accidents to mistreatment, they prepare you for the worst that life has to offer. You might not appreciate the investment right away, but you’ll be glad you have one when you need it.