Hidden Camera Spy Pen by FabQuality - Best Review

FabQuality’s Hidden Camera Spy Pen resembles a James Bond gadget. It records not only sound, but also 720p video. This is a very cool device that could have been even cooler with just a few design and functionality improvements.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most attractive things about this interesting little gadget.


Resembles a normal pen — Aside from              the indicator light on the back, this spy pen            looks exactly like an ordinary pen.

720p HD video — The camera inside the              pen is surprisingly advanced. Videos and                pictures look great.

No special software necessary — Just              insert the pen’s hard drive into your                      computer and download your video or                    audio files.

Motion detector mode — It is possible to            set the pen to start recording when it                    detects movement.

Universal compatibility — This pen is compatible with any computer that can                    recognize a USB device (Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.)

Supports 32 GB SD cards — The SD card slot can handle a 32 GB SD card.

Our Rating: 3.8/5

The Good

The best thing about this spy pen is the camera. It works quite well and can record very high quality pictures and videos. The motion detector feature is quite nifty as well.

The Bad

All you get is one hour of recording time and then the battery dies. Another thing that some people may not like about this spy pen is that the indicator light on the back is a dead giveaway. However, it can be easily covered up with a piece of electrical tape.

Best Suited For

If (for whatever nefarious reason) you need to capture one hour of audio or video footage on the sly, this is the pen for you.

Not So Good For

College students looking for a way to record lectures might not like this product’s short battery life.

The Verdict

The camera on this pen is quite nice indeed. However, the battery doesn’t last very long. If you need to catch someone in a lie, this spy pen could definitely come in handy. However, it isn’t a very practical tool for everyday use.

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