EyeClub WiFi Smoke Alarm Hidden Camera - Our Review

This hidden camera from Eyeclub is about as difficult to detect as any hidden camera we’ve seen so far. It looks exactly like a normal smoke detector, but in reality it’s actually a HD surveillance device capable of recording high quality audio and video. Let’s take a look at some of the main features.


Adjustable resolution — If your WiFi                    network isn’t very fast, you can turn the                  resolution down to avoid lags and gaps in                the recording. The maximum resolution                  (1080p) looks great.

Remote control — You can use your                      mobile phone to control the camera and                  mic.

Battery capability — This device is                      designed to be used while plugged in. But if            you unplug it, you can get 2 hours of                      continuous footage before the batteries run            out.

100 minutes of battery life — Most cameras like this can record about an hour of              footage before the batteries die. With the Toughsty, you get an extra 40 minutes of              footage

WiFi support — The camera connects to your WiFi network, allowing you to backup            video files and control it from your mobile phone.

Easy to mount — You can either use a double-sided adhesive or screws to mount                this camera to your ceiling.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

The Good

This wall-mounted spy camera really looks like an ordinary smoke alarm. The high-resolution camera on this device is impressive and the pictures and movies it records look amazing.

The Bad

The short battery life is this camera’s main weakness. For best results, you should use the included A/C adapter cord.

Best Suited For

Parents who want to find out what their kids are up to when they are not around. This device could also be used as a nanny cam or for security purposes.

Not So Good For

Nighttime surveillance. The lack of night vision capability means that you have to use this camera in a well-lit area for it to be effective.

The Verdict

The previous version of this product had many flaws, but most of the issues seem to have been resolved. This new and improved hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector has a great camera, blends in well and comes with a useful app that will let you control it from your phone. The battery is not so long lasting, though, so for best results you should find a way to hook it up to the included A/C adapter.

Learn more about the EyeClub WiFi Smoke Alarm Hidden Camera on Amazon, or take a look at one of our other great, reviewed products like the Toughsty Hidden Camera Clock. All of these cameras are competitively priced on Amazon.