About Us

Hidden Cameras for Home is a security camera website that reviews the latest in surveillance devices. For us, security cameras are as essential as kitchen appliances. They protect homeowners while on vacation. They’re also helpful if you want to keep an eye on your children from a different room.

Parents use security cameras to check in on childcare professionals and elderly family members. A hidden camera can record outside activity and robberies. They can validate insurance claims and save families hundreds of dollars.

Setting up these cameras can be difficult. The language tends to be inclusive of the technology industry. Often, consumers will need to be familiar with networking and streaming videos. The instructions that come with the hidden cameras are notoriously confusing.

Hidden Cameras for Home began when Charlie began to research security options. He jumped between professional installations and buying his own camera. The professional choice seemed expensive, with the installation and subscription fees.

Once he decided to install a camera of his own, he began to research. There were so many choices that he was quickly overwhelmed. Charlie wasn’t familiar with the technical jargon that filled the pages.

Once he found a model that looked reliable, he made his purchase and went home to install the camera. After he opened the package he discovered that there wasn’t an instruction manual included.

Charlie, not one to give up, spent hours getting the camera installed in his house and running on his network. It took another twenty minutes to get access to the live feed and another fifteen to hear the audio.

Vowing he wouldn’t deal with the headache that came with the purchase again, Charlie began to learn everything he could about hidden cameras. Charlie became familiar with wireless networks, hidden cameras and video streaming.

Charlie wanted to share his knowledge and help other families avoid the problems he ran into. He launched Hidden Cameras for Home because he knew his experience could help people protect their families.

Although the team has grown, the values are the same. We’re here to help protect homeowners and families with our expertise. We spend hours putting security cameras through rigorous testing.

With wireless communications and technology getting better, there are a lot of options for homeowners that want to invest in security cameras. These include expensive models with a lot of features and the more basic alternatives.

Here are the team members that are dedicated to helping you find the best cameras on the market:

Charlie - Founder, Website Designer

Wanda - Networking Specialist, Product Tester

Sam - Technology Writer, Product Tester

Peter - Camera Specialist, Product Tester

Gregg - Streaming Specialist, Product Tester

Robert - Recoding Specialist, Product Tester

We’re committed to finding the products that work for you. We review security cameras that can be carried with you and models that are stationary. If you need a camera to monitor your children or protect your house, we have the information you need.

If we can help you avoid the experience Charlie went through, then we’re doing our job. Technology doesn’t need to be confusing. It should make your life easier. We can help translate the entire process.